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I am Shraddha Kulkarni.
I am a Mobile & Web Application Developer
based in Somewhere.


More About Me

Energetic and dedicated Learner with strong interpersonal skills. Currently pursuing Computer Engineering. Proven ability to work effectively with people of various ages, cultural backgrounds, and socio-economic statuses. Passionate about Web and Android Development. Well-developed Data-Analytics and Computer Programming skills.


One of my most important attributes that surfaced during childhood and that I apprize till date, is my ability to reach logical conclusions swiftly on the basis of given facts. As I look back at my life so far, it is easy to see how my upbringing evoked and culminated into the independent and decisive life that I lead today. My education, for example, has been a locus of my conscious choices.

As someone with earnest perseverance and ardour for education, I was naturally diligent, proactive and self-disciplined. My goal-oriented nature made it relatively less demanding on me to perform well unswervingly, but merely good grades were hardly adequate to satiate my inner hunger for discovering the world around me with a repertoire of comprehensive knowledge. As such, I turned out to be an active learner even beyond the modicum of school curriculum, devouring the content in knowledge magazines, newspapers and journals.

I've Got Some skills.

  • 90%
    HTML5 / CSS3
  • 80%
  • 95%
  • 80%
    Java / J2EE
  • 90%
  • 65%
    Statistical Analysis
  • 85%


My Latest Projects.

Below is the list of all the Projects I did so far in last 3.5 years of my Bachelors. It was a fun ride. Looking forward to more exciting stuff in my MS. Scroll over to the right side to view more.

Financial Manager
  • Translated designs and wireframes into high-quality code
  • Implemented Authentication System using PHP
  • Created modules to store and retrieve User Preferences and Databases
  • Tested Application on different Android devices
Full Stack Android Developer
June 2016 - November
Image Recognition
  • Worked with outside data sources and OCR & MCV API's
  • Implemented Firebase Authentication and Storage for required features
  • Implemented Python-based DL model at the back-end using scikit-learn, keras, and TensorFlow Libraries
  • Created Restful APIs to connect the Application with Backend Services
    Full Stack Android Developer
    July 2017 - November 2017
    Clinic Website
    • Created website layout/user interfaces by using standard HTML/CSS practices
    • Integrated data from various back-end services and databases
    • Gathered and filtered information to be presented online
      Frontend Web Developer
      August 2016 - October 2016
      Location Finder
      • Design, build and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable Java code
      • Implemented Firebase Authentication and Storage for required features
      • Integrated Google Play Services and Google Maps API into the Application
      • Created and maintained Software documentation
        Full Stack Android Developer
        January 2017 - April 2017
        • Open source project helps suppliers and carriers communicate during the whole shipping and delivery process
        • Implemented a robust set of services and APIs to power the web application
        • Integrated of the frontend and backend aspects of the web application
        • Carried out quality assurance tests to discover errors
        Backend Web Developer
        March 2017 - June 2017
        Social Web
        • Designed and implemented an interactive social app using HTML, CSS & Bootstrap frameworks
        • Implemented URL Mapping, Online Databases, and CRUD Functionality
        • Goal was to create dynamic platform in Django
        • Deployed the Application locally, carried out tests to discover errors and fixed it
          Full Stack Web Developer
          April 2017 - November 2017

          My Certifications.

          • Full Stack Android Development CourseUnder the guidance of Google Student Partner, Rajat Telesra, completed a 4-month Intense Android development workshop covering topics from basics to Advance Levels.
          • X - Tech Bingo (Xenesis 2016)Won 2nd Prize in X - Tech Bingo, a Technical coding event organized during Xenesis - 2016.
          • Applied Data Science A-ZReal Life Data Science Application Theory & Practicals included in the 21 Hour Data Science Course on Udemy.
          • Deep Learning A-ZApplying Deep Learning Problems such as NN, DNN, RNN, AutoEncoders, Boltzmann Machines,etc to solve some real world issues.
          • Neural Networks and Deep LearningPart 1 of the Deep Learning Course on Coursera by Andrew NG. Learned the basics of Statistical Learning and it's implementation in Python.
          • Improving Deep Neural NetworksPart 2 course on Deep Learning taught by the world famous scientist in the field, Andrew NG. Learning Advance concepts of tuning the Neural networks and Optimizing the code.
          • Sructuring Machine Learning ProjectsPart 3 Course by Andrew NG covers the real implementation of the Machine Learning Algorithms.
          •  Cloud Computing in India: Challenges, Progress and Future (IJRASET)Read numerous relevant articles and Books. Evaluated current Indian scenario in the Field of Cloud Computing. Presented the data using understandable Statistical graphs and charts.
          • Study of Modern Cryptographic Algorithms (IJRASET)Implemented Cryptographic Algorithms in MATLAB and evaluated its efficiency. Reviewing implementation and practical usages of the various algorithms.
          • Visual Studio WorkshopLearning the basics and Advanced courses to use Visual Studio 2012.
          • Machine Learning BootCamp21.5 Hours long Course with really good explaination of concepts & Theories. From Basics to Advanced concepts it covers it all.
          • America's Poverty & Inequality CourseCourse offered by Stanford Lagunita. Based on America's Economic Conditions and finanicial rise over the past decades, the course cover a wide range of topics and majorly concludes the points based on firm stastical grounds.
          • jquery carouselStanford Lagunita's How to Learn Math MOOC is especially useful for the young minds who do find Math to be interesting and Practical. This Course introduces it's participants regarding the implementation of Math theories into Practical scenario.
          • Summer School 2016Android Development workshop arranged by IEEE-SB, DAIICT, Gandhinagar in the Summer of 2016.
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          What People Say.

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          I have known her since three years. Shraddha took classes with me on ‘System Software’, ‘Cryptography and Network Security’ and ‘Compiler Design’. She has shown a good learning attitude and has completed all the assigned tasks in a given time. She has good communication skills and gives her best in studies as well. She manages her time in a very effective manner. During her course, she was very clear with the concepts and made sure that all her doubts were cleared. She concentrated more on the practical part and implemented it during the lab sessions.

          Payal Chaudhari Assistant Professor, LDRP - ITR
          Author image

          I would rank her in the top 5% of students that I have taught in the past five years in respect of her ability to conceive concepts and their application to practical problems. She is proficient in programming using languages such as Java, Python, C, and C++. Her Android Development and Web Application Development skills are praiseworthy. During my classroom interactions/seminars/viva-voce, I found that she displays good knowledge of the subjects she has studied and when probed argues her case logically, rationally and convincingly.

          Ochchhav S. Patel Assistant Professor, LDRP - ITR
          Author image

          Shraddha has shown excellent programming skills in various languages and with qualities like creativity, dedication and hard work already present in her, she is bound to go places.She has been an active and sincere student throughout her term here. She has been participating in different hackathons, Seminars, Workshops, and Competitions. What is remarkable is her consistent grades over the period of 4 years. It is unusual when seen against the fact that she has been one of our most busy and interested students when it came to developmental projects.

          Jayana Chandulal Kaneriya Professor, LDRP - ITR


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